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Prof. Kosei Takeuchi 

(Director  of  Research Creation Center

 (concurrent post)


Focus on neurogenesis and regeneration. We are advancing the control of the regenerative environment during regeneration of central nervous system and spinal cord injuries, drug discovery development, and therapeutic method development. In particular, we are aiming for therapeutic applications using gene modification of sugar chain structure, gene suppression technology, and nucleic acid medicine, which play important roles in neurogenesis and regeneration. While having the greatest interest in neurogenesis, he has been obsessed with dramatic cellular functions and structural changes during regeneration for some time. We have also started analysis of inflammation control and pain control triggered by the current research. Specialty: Molecular cell biology, developmental biology, neuroscience, glycobiology, drug discovery technology development.

Birthplace: Nara Prefecture, graduate school research on cell adhesion structure in the laboratory of Shoichiro Tsukita (former Professor of Medical Chemistry, Kyoto University). After working at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology-Nara Institute of Science and Technology-Nagoya University-Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine-Niigata University School of Medicine, he has been in his current position (2015-). I still don't understand why I am at Aichi Medical University. Days to complain. I love microscopes. Anyway, try new technology.


Interested in the chromosomes and growth control of animal cells, he is engaged in genetic processing of animal cells and research and development using the cells as tools. In particular, we will focus on the development of mild immortalization of human stem cells using the TERT gene and complete immortalization technology of differentiated cells, application to gene cell therapy with stem cells centered on the nervous system, and characteristics of tissue cells. We are aiming to elucidate the mechanism of differentiation. Specialty: Molecular biology, genes / chromosomes

Birthplace: Tsuneko Okazaki Laboratory ((Nagoya University, Science, Professor) Okazaki Fragment Discoverer) at the graduate school in Shizuoka Prefecture, researching human artificial chromosomes. After working at Fujita Medical University-Keio University School of Medicine- (President of Chromo Research), he is in his current position. Is the mainstream of molecular biology flowing from Dr. Reiji Okazaki, the arm that handles genes and chromosomes real . It is beautiful to stand up to the cells while looking into the microscope every day while enduring the professor's mess and runaway.

Natsuki Matsushita Associate Professor

(Comprehensive Medical Research Organization

Associate Professor, Animal Experiment Division (concurrent post)

We are conducting research focusing on gene modification of mice and rats and development of gene knockdown technology. Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture, researched transcription mechanism at graduate school, then worked at Nara Institute of Science and Technology-Ehime University School of Medicine. From the pedigree of Professor Shunji Nagatsu-Professor Kazuto Kobayashi (currently Fukushima Medical University), a master of neurochemistry, the skill of animal gene modification technology and viral vector construction is certain (Takeuchi's comment) The main responsibility is to supervise and manage the animal experiment department. However, he has a good reputation for hot lectures and guidance while enduring the mess of lectures from professors every day.


From the two perspectives of neural circuit remodeling by the artificial synaptic connection factor CPTX and maintenance of the regeneration field by extracellular matrix molecular manipulation, we are studying with the aim of rapid recovery from spinal cord injury and elucidation of the neural function recovery mechanism. Taking advantage of the research experience of mouse and newt eye development, neurogenesis using nematode C. elegans, sensory reception, and lifespan control conducted at Osaka University and Nagoya University, life phenomena developed in front of the eyes I would like to value observation and approach the universality of life. Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture, received the scent of developmental biology at the Kondo Hisato laboratory at Osaka University at the graduate school, and promoted the genetics of the nematode C. elegans under Professor Ikue Mori at Nagoya University. While fighting unreasonably from the professor for research, he listens to the mess and sticks to an uncompromising research style.

Osami Habuchi Visiting Professor

(Professor Emeritus )

Japan's leading expert in glycan chemistry and glycan analysis.

Research is continuing in our laboratory.

It is also a spiritual pillar of the classroom, and the appearance of two people conducting experiments silently is both a mirror as a researcher and a person. The heart of the classroom staff.

A leading expert in glycobiology. Former director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine, our university. If there is something the professor doesn't understand, he immediately turns to him and yells at him in vain. Take care of him with his bag while yelling... are they on good terms? (Surrounding impressions...)

In charge of tissue chemistry, animal management, and operation.

The role of a shadow cabinet to stop the runaway of the professor of finance minister in the classroom

Yuki Morioka Research Technician

A superwoman who comprehensively handles everything from genes to protein / sugar chain analysis.

We will respond proactively to the professor's unreasonable demands. It becomes the core of the course, and the classroom will not go around without this person ... Key person

Haruka Sugata 
Research Technician

In charge of tissue chemistry, animal management, and operation.

The role of a shadow cabinet to stop the runaway of the professor of finance minister in the classroom



The mascot character that the classroom staff rely on.

Pray together when submitting important work or treatises ...

In addition, graduate students in internal medicine and obstetrics and gynecology, etc ... (above: photo)

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