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Mainly, "Cell biology" and "Behavioral science (scientific content and neuroscience)" in the first year, "Molecular developmental science / human developmental science" in the second year, and "Clinical genetics" and "Women in the upper grades". I am in charge of some of the fields such as science (development) and pediatrics.


   We hope that students will achieve the following goals through lectures and practical training.

All medical subjects (apart from medical education ...) are built on "Science" and "Science".

In addition, many medical subjects are based on biology. We would like you to be interested in the perspective of biological things and the perspective of biological research. The Faculty of Medicine is also built on the three foundations of education, research, and clinical practice. A university cannot exist without research. I also want students to be interested in research. We also recommend that motivated students actually participate in classroom research for a certain period of time.

Integrated life science and biology
Biological phenomena can never be understood without the viewpoints of molecular biology and molecular genetics. Modern life science has expanded significantly with molecular genetics and molecular biology as an opportunity, and cannot be understood without a view of cell biology centered on cells. Each phenomenon, organelles, and even cells and tissue organs are not separate, but must be considered as one. I would like you to be aware that the contents of textbooks are not independent events, but are widely and integratedly connected. Furthermore, this feeling is indispensable for understanding anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology, and I hope that you will be interested in the life sciences that are the basis of these subjects.

Life science and cell biology to understand the pathophysiology
Many diseases of unknown cause are entering an era in which they can be understood molecularly and physiologically as abnormalities in genes and molecules. I would like you to firmly advance your understanding of life science as the basis of pathological conditions.

Life science and cell biology as a method of scientific inquiry
Lifelong learning and self-education are essential in the explosive progress of life sciences and medicine. I think that the driving force is not only the pure motive to cure the patient, but also the joy of exploring and knowing new things. I would like you to learn this "joy of exploring and knowing" and scientific exploration methods through research and practical training.

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