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Research results on elucidation of the mechanism by which a "rich environment" "works" on the brain

It has been pointed out that an environment rich in stimulation through the five senses may be important for the development of the brain in children and the maintenance of brain function in the elderly. Professor Kosei Takeuchi (Director of Research Creation Support Center, Biology) of the Faculty of Medicine of our university is collaborating with Professor Shozo Kamino, Professor Jun Yamada of Kyushu University School of Medicine, and Professor Hiroyuki Kitagawa of Kobe Pharmaceutical University. , Chondroitin sulfate, which is known as a component of cartilage and is attracting attention for its involvement in the development and regeneration of the nervous system, plays a key role in the new production of nerve cells (neurons) in the post-development hippocampus by environmental stimulation. I was the first in the world to discover that I am responsible for this. Please see here for details.

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