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Research that leads to applications from cell biology and molecular biology that you think visually

-Capturing nerves and related organs from development, regeneration, and inflammation-

Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Biology (Graduate School of Cell Biology), Aichi Medical University School of Medicine. 


At Takeuchi Laboratory, we are proceeding with cell biological analysis centered on the nervous system with the motto "Look and think".

In particular, for the past few years, we have been focusing on analysis aimed at recovering the function of the central nervous system.

There are no members from Aichi prefecture, let alone from our university, but all of them have experienced various universities, institutions, and various lands. In that respect, I try to take in as much knowledge and external information as possible, and always keep in mind not to narrow my horizons when responding to research and education.

We would appreciate it if you could search each page for individual research contents and information. If you have any questions or inquiries

I would like to answer as much as possible even if you send me an e-mail etc. from the latter page. We want to be a laboratory that is as open as possible. Thank you.

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