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"Thinking broadly from the  cell biology and thinking about medicine"

"Thinking broadly from the latest cell biology and thinking about medicine"

Molecular biology and cell biology are making explosive progress every day in medicine, and interest in life sciences is endless. Based on these findings, we will consider the mechanism of the human body and develop the ability to grasp the latest technologies in drug discovery and medicine.

Specializes in molecular cell biology (neuroscience/molecular development). In addition to exploring the molecular mechanism of normal development, we promote research to lead to therapeutic recovery from neurological diseases.

Growth cone: Axon tip extending from a nerve cell

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He gave a lecture and chaired the symposium at the 20th Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine.

He held a symposium with Professor Takashi of Tokyo Medical and Dental University on "Application of mRNA medicine / nucleic acid medicine to regenerative medicine" and "Expansion of application of nucleic acid medicine for spinal cord injury treatment-how to suppress nerve regeneration inhibitory factors and microregeneration" I gave a lecture entitled "Do you control the environment?"



In the April issue of Experimental Medicine, we planned and edited a special feature as "Master of Electroporation-Genome Editing and Application of Molecular Introduction to Tissues-".

On the overview of the progress of the Features and equipment electroporation gene transfer, we ask them to writing to teachers outside of five.



Dr. Sasakura made a presentation at the Japan Neuroscience Society & CJK International Conference with the title "Extracellular matrix regeneration environment improvement and attempt to recover after spinal cord injury after subacute phase by synaptic connector".


・ A new member (Mr. Akika Sugada) has joined. ・ In April, new scientific research funds "Kiban B" and new academic area research "Shingakujyutu" were adopted from Japanese Ministry of education.


Mr. and Mrs. Habuchi have published a new paper on PloS One. It is the result of a lot of effort. Congratulations

Participated in and gave a lecture at the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research / New Academic Area Research "Super Adaptation" Plenary Session. (However, the content is Confidential)



I made an animal breeding room in the laboratory.


Dr. Sasakura will give a lecture on "Extracellular environment maintenance and synapse connect spinal cord injury repair" at the symposium of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan.


研究室に 大学院生(医学研究科細胞生物)として大石大先生が加わりました。大石先生は 救命救急科の医師としてドクターヘリ搭乗はじめ大活躍されている現役ドクターで、バイタリティあふれる先生です。炎症制御に向けての研究を展開されます、がんばりましょう。





Developed an artificial synapse connector that reconnects broken neural circuits-A new way to treat psychiatric and neurological disorders caused by synaptic abnormalities-

     published in  "Science"

Hiroyuki Sasakura, Assistant Professor of Biology, Aichi Medical University, Professor Tsunesei Takeuchi, and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Oxford University, UK, and MRC Institute for Molecular Biology are led by Professor Tsusuke Yuzuzaki, Department of Physiology, Keio University School of Medicine. In the international collaborative research team, we succeeded for the first time in the world in developing an artificial protein (synaptic connector) that can artificially form synapses, which are the joints between nerve cells, and quickly reconnect broken neural circuits. .. Using this synaptic connector, we succeeded in leading significant functional improvement and recovery in model animals of cerebellar ataxia, Alzheimer's disease, and spinal cord injury.
For details, please see here (press release) and the science site .


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
New Academic Area Research "Super Adaptation"
general meeting
2021/3/5 ~ 3/7
Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Neurochemistry
2021 / 9/30 ~ 10/1
Nucleic Acid Medicine Society
2020/11/30 ~ 12/1
Nucleic Acid Medicine Society
2020/11/30 ~ 12/1
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